East meets West

I would like to introduce to you, Providence’s hottest new addition, Emily Johnston!

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily this Fall, and have fallen for her, just like I know you will too. She is smart, beautiful, and super funny. Hailing from California, this transplant now calls Providence home. Meeting her was like meeting a long-lost friend!

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present you Emily.

how old are you?

Emily: 24

Where are you from originally?

Emily: Santa Cruz, California


who and/or what inspires you?

Emily: As far as fashion goes, definitely film. I mean seriously, haven’t we all seen a movie that makes us want to change our style completely? Shirley Mclaine’s short hair, fur jacket, and overall essence in The Apartment. Mrs. Robinson’s two tone hair from The Graduate.  The leading ladies of Hitchcock.  The flowing dresses and long blonde hair in Virgin Suicides. Alabama Whirly’s tacky bright yet perfect outfits from True Romance. The perms and plaid dress suits in Heathers. Finally, as cliche as it may be, you can’t say you haven’t felt at least a shred of desire to be Amelie or Margot Tenenbaum (there I said it, its true.).  It’s so amazing how these fictional characters can become such muses.


when do you feel the most creative?

Emily: Usually, after spending time with particular friends.  They can inspire me to be as weird as I want to be and exited about the universe. I definitely get an influx of energy to create and learn more about the world after being with them.


where is the last place you traveled to? how was it?

Emily: Portland, Maine. Loved it! Definitely a cool city. So many amazing second hand stores, delicious food, and beautiful scenery. I loved the brick and old port architecture.


what brought you to Providence?

Emily: My boyfriend just started his Master’s program at RISD and I needed new scenery, so I tagged along!


how would you describe Providence to someone who has never been?

Emily: It’s a creative and quirky city. Part quaint, part worn, but mostly just old.


how would you describe your style?

Emily: When I was younger, I wanted to look like a cross between Clarissa Explains It All and a Victorian era doll. I would wear plaid uniforms to school even though they didn’t have a uniform dress code. Having said that, I feel like my philosophy hasn’t changed much.  I would say my style is very nostalgic with a bit of class and a bit grunge. If I could get away with it, I’d wear the same outfit everyday like a cartoon.


what is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Emily: My dad has always been good at giving advice. When I get overwhelmed by life, he reminds me that the future doesn’t exist yet, the past is just a phantom, and that right now is the only real thing. So enjoy this moment.


what is your favorite hair tool?

Emily: My flatiron! It’s my most versatile tool as far as styling. You can create beautiful texture, classic deep waves, or sleek smooth looks.


what is the most fun thing you have ever done?

Emily: I washed dishes in a diner for one summer in Yellowstone National Park. I swam in the Boiling River, watched lightening storms, drank cheap beer at campfires in the forest, rode on backs of motorcycles, watched buffalo outside my window, hiked around huge vibrant geysers and gained like 10 pounds from happiness.  It was super dreamy.


what is one thing you can’t leave your house without?

Emily: Red lip stick


when do you feel your best?

Emily: Eating breakfast alone in a diner while reading the newspaper. Its seriously the best.


what is your go-to outfit?

Emily: Black high-wasted skinny jeans, my boyfriend’s old cut-off T-shirt with an original cartoon of The Joker on it, my jean jacket which I have worn for the last 6 years (I don’t think I can ever give it up), a pair of tan oxfords, and my super huge tacky gold hoop earrings which I love from Shop Bananas.

do you have any pets?

Emily: I have a baby ball python named Noodle.





I shot these photos on the West Side of Providence. It’s super industrial and beautiful!

photography// styling// editing: by Olivia

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