The East Bay Bike Path

When I moved to Providence a few years ago, I wanted to find a place where I could escape the city.  Somewhere not too far, but far enough. Somewhere I could appreciate Providence’s vista and Rhode Island’s landscape. That’s when I stumbled upon the East Bay Bike Path. It connects several towns/cities of Rhode Island and it’s a place you can go to read, relax, exercise, or just reflect. I hope you can make it out there. It has been my go to spot for inspiration and a breath of fresh air.

When traveling or going to a park, I usually bring a book or my kindle along with me. My go-to is usually Emily Dickinson because she is one of my favorite writers. She had a unique and bizarre way of describing her surroundings. Her writing challenges me and encourages me to dig deeper in what she was trying to say. Emily was born and raised here in New England, in Massachusetts. This time of year, I can’t help but read Emily’s poems and be inspired by the beauty that surrounds me…

I leave you with one of Emily Dickinson’s poems.

“NATURE rarer uses yellow,

Than another hue;

Saves she all of that for sunsets,-

Prodigal of blue,

Spending scarlett like a woman,

Yellow she affords,

Only scantly and selectly,

Like a lover’s words.”

eastbay 2

eastbay 6 eastbay eastbay 7IMG_3860eastbay 8xo,


photography// writing // editing: by Olivia

P.S. Here is the Outfit I wore the day I took these photos.IMG_3829

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