Dear Providence

Dear Providence,

Thank you for being the first city that I have dug my feet into. You have been the city that has started so many new journeys for me. I began to explore you about three years ago when I first started blogging between Boston and PVD and I almost instantly fell in love. I am not sure why you get such a lame rep sometimes! This small city has so much life and creativity to it you can not help but feel connected to the community.


Thank you for having awesome coffee shops and passionate baristas working at them. Thank you for the cute shops and beautiful architecture. Thank you for letting me meet such creative and inspiring people. You are FILLED with some of the most down to earth people I have ever met that make me want to be so much more than I am. I want to live, breath and create on these streets that I feel so connected with forever. I probably hate winter the most out of anyone you know but there is something so strong I feel about being here that keeps me wanting more.

Today I left the office and walked around town and took some shots of places I see all of the time. Places that I am seeing but not remembering enough. I like to think of lives as our own stories and you are creating these awesome chapters to remember by.. Take everything in around you. The smells, the details of the buildings, people walking. Everything. I can not stress that enough. The more I take life slower and look at the small details in life and places around me the more I fall in love with what I have around me. Life is such a beautiful and fragile thing. Enjoy it!








– Kelly

Kelly Louise Photography

Hopes for film forever

As you probably know Olivia and I love all forms of art. Photography is so important to me specifically. I love being able to have moments tangible and at my fingertips which is why I have really been into film lately. I have a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera (find it here) and I absolutely love it. Have the instant gratification of taking a photo and after a few minutes having a finished picture is such a cool feeling. Granted film prices do add up I can’t see myself not using this camera for moments.

The times I like to use it most is when I am just hanging out with my friends doing everyday things. Those moments tend to not be photographed as much which is why I like having those taken. Having it be an instant photo is awesome also because there is no editing. I do digital photography as well and LOVE to edit and adapt a scene of photo but knowing when you hit the shutter that whatever it looks like is it is almost the most exciting part! You have to hope that you didn’t close your eyes or that the flash wasn’t needed. Really knowing that this is your one moment to take a good picture- you can’t delete what you don’t like!


I hope that this year I can continue to taken even more photos then I did in 2014. More moments captured and put into my hands.


Hashtag Women Crush Everyday

These two girls to the right and left of me are creating a Kelly best friend sandwich. Kelsea and Lauren are the two girls I spend the most time with and have seen me at every happy, sad, sassy (you name it) emotion over the past year and a half. All three of our boys are in the band Trophy Wives together so together we rely on each other for emotional support when they are gone and we need someone.

They both have their own specialty and personal projects going on- Kelsea is an amazing baker and Lauren is killer photographer and watching them be so passionate about each skill is so inspiring to me to continue to do what I love to do.

This year the band will be traveling a lot and I am so glad to have these two ladies by my side to ride this crazy life ride together with.



Love you ladies.