This past weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting Carina of the Curious Cat Project at The Providence Athenaeum. It’s a library that is over 250 years old, and has got to be one of the most beautiful places in Providence. The beauty of this place takes your breath away when you walk in for the first time; you end up standing at the door looking around not being able to comprehend it.

One of the best things about it? It’s free and open to the public! If you live here and/or visit check it out! You will fall in love with it; like I did.

pvd athenaeum
pvd athenaeum 1
pvd atheneaum 12
pvd athenaeum 2
pvd athenaeum 5
pvd athenaeum 6
pvd athenaeum 7
pvd athenaeum 9

I hope you can go discover Historic places in your area.



// all photography by Olivia //


The fall to me has more of a feeling of rebirth and starting then the new year. Although I have not been in school for a handful of years I still get the feelings of new and change that I got back when a school year was starting.

Something about watching the trees and nature that surrounds us changing makes that feeling in me. A new feeling of inspiration.

Nature is such a powerful creature.


Happy fall.

Kelly A. Louise

An Indian Summer

This past weekend was glorious. The sun was shining, the trees glistened with their new golden hues, and the sky was bluer than I’ve seen in a while. I wore sundresses all weekend long, took a drive to the ocean, and brunched. It was definitely a weekend I’ll remember when I’m feeling the winter blues.

There’s something so special about the times when you can slow down and savour your life. Time is fleeting… engaging in real conversations, listening to those around you, and appreciating all that you’ve been given is what it’s all about.

It’s weekends like this that leave me revitalized and ready to take on a new week.

indian summer 1indian summer 2
indian summer 3
indian summer 4
indian summer 5
indian summer 6
indian summer 7

Happy Fall!



// all photography by Olivia //

Looking back at our Journey

I find myself reflecting how it’s been almost a year since we first started this blog! It’s incredible how quickly a year can go by.

I am such a nostalgic person. I cannot delete photos off my phone because it feels like I am deleting my memory of it! (hellloooo, 4,000+ photos on my iphone).

With our one year blogging-versary coming up I wanted to share some photos of us. There’s been coffee shop dates, photo shoots, interviews, a lot of travels, road trips, overseas tripscollaborations, job and career changes, music showsbirthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, funerals, and photographs. 2013 and 2014 has been an incredible journey and we’ve been lucky to share it with you.

winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 2
winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 3
winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 4
winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 5winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 7
winter moon _ 2013_2014_ 8

Thanks for letting us share our stories (and of those in PVD) with you!




Most at ease among the trees



Being outside is something I not only love but something I need in my life.

When I think of how powerful it is that I can be having a crappy day, awesome day, challenging (whatever the situation may be), and simply step outside into the woods and have my mood totally change is incredible. Having my body surrounded by all the different aspects of nature instantly calms me. I analyze everything I see from leaves, trees, grass down to smells and patterns found and each time I always find something new and beautiful.

This time of year is my favorite to go out and explore, the weather is perfect to spend an entire day out there and be comfortable. We are so lucky to live in New England where we can see nature come alive and fall down while appreciating each changing step.


Kelly A. Louise