Honoring Our Heroes

Last week was Veterans Day. Many years ago, this day meant having a day off from school. Now, Veterans Day means honoring the fact that my brother made it to-and-from war, alive. It means being thankful for those who protected him in war times and have his back now that he is on US territory.

Veterans Day is a special day to me. It’s the reason why I vote. It’s the reason why I take a moment out of my day to think of all the countless lives that when asked to join the service, did so.

Brown University held a beautiful Veterans Day ceremony and I was happy to be there. I got to hear from Veterans of all generations honoring those who came before them.

veterans day brown

veterans day brown 2

veterans day brown  4

veterans day brown  1

veterans day brown  5


//all photography by Olivia //


It’s amazing the amount of stress I place on myself everyday. Do you ever feel that way? It’s exhausting! Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that I step back only to realize all the incredible beauty around me. Literally stopping to smell the roses.

Life is really too short to be stressed. It’s not worth it. I find myself asking, will this concern me in 20 years? Usually the answer is no. So why worry? Who cares?

My cure for stress lately? Appreciating these amazing flowers from my husband. Getting a massage. Going to the ocean.

wm flowers

wellnessbristol wm


// all photography by Olivia //


Last week was voting day.

Although Kelly and I do not believe in sharing our political beliefs on Winter Moon, we are very much invested in our communities.

I believe our generation can make a difference.
I believe our generation can change our circumstances.
I believe our generation has the potential to contribute great things to our planet.


We need to vote.
We need to volunteer.
We need to contribute to greater causes than our own.

WM vote




I hope you’re having a good fall so far.

I’m amazed at how fast time is going lately. I’m trying to learn how to live in the moment, savor experiences, yet simultaneously hustling for the future. I think this why I love photography so much. It allows me to stop and notice the details around me.

Here are some photos I shot recently of the East Side of Providence and the RISD Museum. I’ll never tire of these incredible colors.

east side fall scene 2

east side fall scene 1

east side fall scene


// all photography by Olivia//


November is now upon us and Providence is getting colder.

I find myself finding comfort in warm drinks and warm food. One of my favorite places in Providence is downtown called Sura. A traditional Korean and Japanese restaurant that is always elegant, warm, and comforting.

This is the only way I am getting through the dark, cold months.




// photo by Olivia //