I’m from a tropical country in South America, so I would say by nature I am programmed to abhor the snow and cold weather.

I have spent countless hours complaining about the weather. And I don’t know, it just kind of becomes something to talk about. This year, however, I’ve made it a point to be real with myself and with others and cut-the-crap. I’ve been thinking about what a waste of time it is to complain about something as uncontrollable as the weather.

The other night it started to snow and my natural reaction would be to get annoyed and complain about how cold it is and how I’ll have to clean off my car; two very true things. Instead, I decided to bundle up and go outside.

I realized that when it snows at night it’s incredibly peaceful. I realized that the sky gets a glowy-gray hue. I realized how satisfying it is to be the first to leave a footprint in the snow. I realized that this is where I live and I should start enjoying it – as it will snow whether I want it or not.

snow 1

snow 2

snow  3

We truly forget how fragile and short life is. We lose ourselves and forget how amazing the processes of physics and science happening around us are. I believe it’s important to ignite that child-like curiosity in order to give ourselves a sense of wonder and adventure.

To being more adventurous,

// photography by Olivia //


When I was 10 years old I was newly arrived in the US from my home country of Venezuela. I remember my teacher at school referred me to a Saturday program where I would learn all sorts of things in a hands-on way. One time the program was scheduled in the evening and was sponsored by NASA.

I didn’t know much at all about astronomy or what NASA was, but I remember they showed us how to make telescopes from cardboard tubes and glass pieces, and then we went outside to look at the moon. To this day, I still remember how blown away I was to look at the moon from a telescope I had made. It was that day, that I fell in love with everything having to do with astronomy.

Fast forward quite a few years later and I am still as mesmerized, if not more, by the skies above us. I spend all my free time reading all the books I can carry (literally) out of the library.

The other day, after many years of wanting to get a closer look at the moon I purchased my very first telescope! I ordered a Celestron Travelscope online and to be honest it is soooo good. It’s super easy to assemble, it’s lightweight, meant for travel, and even comes with a backpack! If you’re in the market or even considering a telescope – this is a great starter scope. The other night I went outside and got a look at the moon and almost cried. I swear. It’s mind blowing to think that we sent humans there.

I can’t wait until we can leave this planet and explore other worlds. Until then, I have a telescope and a lot of books. And that’s what I’ll explore other worlds with.

celestron telescope 6

celestron telescope 1

celestron telescope 7

celestron telescope 3

celestron telescope 2celestron telescope 5

Pursue what you love. You’ll realize that you’ve loved that for a very long time,

// photography by Olivia //
**This post was not sponsored by Celestron- these are just my personal opinions **


I made a resolution this year to live more in the moment and less in the past.

I can’t, however, stop day-dreaming of how much I loved Italy. I loved everything about it. The weather. The architecture. The landscape. The people. And oh, don’t get me started on the coffee!

My time in Italy was so magical and I truly hope to live there someday. Are there places you’ve visited that you just can’t stop thinking about? That’s what Italy (and Paris) is for me. These places made me feel most like myself. I think that’s when you know.

Italy_ 2Italy_ 3Italy_ 5Italy_ 5italy _ 7Italy_ 4

italy 8
Italy_ 1

I am trying to be more thankful for what is happening now. For the things and people in my life at the moment.

I hope your new year represents more of what you love and more of who you are,


// photography by Olivia //


I spent the day exploring Boston today. As fun as this city is, it always throws me off how cold this city gets this time of year!

One of the highlights was when we wandered into a super cute hat shop with the cutest vintage decor. With the new year arriving this evening, it got me thinking of the importance of doing what you love because you don’t know how 1) happy it will make you, or 2) the legacy/inspiration you’ll leave behind for years to come. Following your passions should not be underestimated. Life is short and should be savored.

I hope this upcoming year brings you the energy to work hard, courage to pursue the unknown, bravery to let go of what doesn’t serve you, and the persistence to push for your dreams.

boston december 1boston december 2boston december 3boston december 4boston december 5boston december 6boston december 7boston december 8

Hats off to new adventures and pursuing our dreams!


// all photography by Olivia //